The Definition of Grime

The Definition of Grime

The Definition of Grime

Early Stages

Grime was founded in London in the early 2000’s. Grime started out as a genera called “U.K. Garage”.

Grime got it’s big break on U.K. Pirate Radio. Some of the prominent artists at the time were Dizzee RascalWiley, and Kano. All of them are still very influential artists in the scene to this day.

Considered to be a sub genre of electronic (in its early form). It also mixes in some of the rhythms from dancehall, the strong lyrics from U.K. Garage, and drum and bass.

Grime music itself has brought together different groups through its strong lyrics and innovative style. It also has its critics such as Kim Howells who has been very outspoken on the “violence” grime brings with it.

Though it has spread widely through the U.K. grime has never really made it’s giant leap to the top across “the pond” (USA). Although some of it’s stars have not made an impact on American hip hop. By the year 2010 Dizzee Rascal had 3 #1 hits, all in a row I might add.

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